Personal Training

Having a personal trainer is to help you reach your fitness goals. Our goal is to give you the help you need in order for you to continue an active lifestyle after you have left us and only return to ensure you are being accountable for your fitness journey.

Our clients tend to require:

  • Obesity focused personal training
  • Diabetes focused personal training
  • Overcoming/avoiding physical pains/injuries (due to being overweight) personal training

We can cater your training not only to your needs and progression but also to what your long term goals are.If you do not have long term plans such as joining a sporting team, dance or yoga classes or going the gym, hiking or bike riding regularly we give you a goal of training to participate in our fitness stick fighting class. It is important to have a long term goal and direct reason why you are trying to improve your training.

We will train you in your house or unit, using the space you have. In the beginning it is important that we look limiting having to cancel training (such as weather conditions). Also, if you do wish to train at your local park, we will be required to confirm your councils permission and requirements before utilising the public space.

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