Light Training

At Beyond Personal Training we have our own view on what light training consists of. We class Sedentary and Light intensity levels at <55%HR Max and RPE 1 & 2 or in other words very light to light training.

Current Populations

People who have had or are considering bariatric surgery

People with Type 2 diabetes and BMI 30+

People with disability

People who are severely obese (35+ BMI)

People who are advised to train with urgency by their specialists and are having difficulty finding or being able to train


It is a requirement for everyone who wishes to start training in these categories to have a medical clearance form. This form is to allow your specialist or GP to advise us of your current situation, conditions and goals. We need to all work together to get the best results for you.

Training at this stage will be conducted at your premises where there is a suitable area. A suitable area  is a space that is clear, flat and safe to use. Depending on the training required and your goals this can vary and requires to be examined on a case to case basis.


From $35 Introductory session including paperwork, planning, training space evaluation (depending on travel time from Nerang/Acacia Ridge)

From $70 per session (depending on travel time from Nerang/Acacia Ridge)

From $45 per session for pension card holders (depending on travel time from Nerang/Acacia Ridge)